About Us

At the TLSA, we play to your strengths.

Instead of taking something off the shelve in the hope that it works, we deliver fun, powerful hands on programs and experiences that have a profound and lasting impact on people and their careers.

We start with you, not a rule book.

We have developed a series of sales and personal development training programs where we focus on attitude, persistence, communication and control. Our one-of- a-kind methods inspire new ways of thinking by identifying your personal strengths, fears and how to overcome them as well as learning how to create opportunities and above all make friends and find common ground.


Our training is easy to apprehend, speedy to use, and simple to remember as it is practical with no theoretic models. Our programs are real-world and feel normal. Our method of learning is 70% more likely to become habitual rather than old-fashioned training techniques and seminars.  The London Sales Academy puts in place a fun atmosphere to encourage personal growth in which you’ll develop the ability to create opportunities and master the art of how to sell without being a sales person.


Here’s WHY we do it:


We get up in the morning to get actual results from our educational programs. It is simple to deliver ‘training’; however it is much more difficult to modify the behaviour of humans. This is our passion!

Here’s How we do it:

Unlike other training methods, we don’t lock you into our ‘system’, or bend you to our ‘laws’. We are exclusive in that we begin with YOU.  Our uniquely designed programs will enable each participant to adopt an ownership mindset focused on being in control and achieving results. This makes your learning development much more tailored – it looks and feels aesthetically aligned.


Want to know more about our approach?


Supported by our talented coaches, in this hands-on training program, you’ll master the art of communication and be able to tell persuasive stories with
impact, clarity and differentiation at every interaction.

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