Pillar I. Knowing Yourself

A one day course aimed at bringing one’s inner confidence to the surface. through a variety of tailor made exercises, games, classroom and field based activities.  Let the inner you shine through.

Pillar II. Knowing Others

A fun filled course aimed to enable students and delegates to interact effectively and make the most out of opportunities presented to them.

Pillar III. The Warrior

The course is designed to help our students and delegates feel the power within themselves and act upon it with a warrior like attitude.  Feel inspired and ready for action.

2 Week Sales Bootcamp

The two week bootcamp is a favourite here at The Academy.  Students learn about motivation, attitude, creating opportunities, perseverance, and the most incredible communication skills possible.  Classroom games and field games.

11 Modules

Our 11 modules over 11 days is designed to help delegates from SMEs.  Our boot camp courses take place in each module before or after work.  Delegates arrive at their workplace after inspired, engaged, and ready to go.

Bespoke Course

London Sales Academy offer bespoke courses.  One of our accredited trainers will chat with the attendees prior and create a fun energetic course with an end goal.

One on One Coaching

One of One coaching from a London Sales Academy trainer.  A course will be designed to enable the individuals to reach their full potential with whatever their focus needs to be on.