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During your time at the London Sales Academy, you will learn a multitude of excelling transferable skills...

During your time at the London Sales Academy, you will learn a multitude of excelling transferable skills in the workplace which you will be able to use in many aspects; from everyday life situations. Some of these skills include time management, communication, prioritisation, being able to handle objections and self-management.

By the end of your course you will have achieved or increased many of these skills which will contribute to you being an excellent sales person and will also benefit you for life. Also these skills are not just beneficial for a job in sales, but will benefit any job role you have.  If you can sell yourself effectively you can achieve anything in life!

Doing the right thing,
at the right time.









Yes, the course is going to be challenging and it is going to be fun, but that’s one of the best parts about it because after the two weeks when you’ve completed the course, learnt numerous new skills, built up your confidence, achieved a certificate and course be in line for your guaranteed job… You will look back and realise how worth it was and how much all your hard work has paid off. In addition to this, there will several other people who will also be the course alongside you, so you will all be in the same situation which is great because it allows you to all progress together and help each other along the way. This also means that during the course you will make friends in which you can talk about the experiences you all had throughout the course and can remain friends even when it’s finished. You might even end up working for the same company with someone you have made friends with!

One of the best things about our courses here at the London Sales Academy is that if you choose to do the two week boot camp, we will guarantee you a full time job within 3 months of completing it. Whether it is a job with us, or one of the companies we work closely with, you will find yourself with a job offer in which it is of course then your choice of whether or not you take it. Therefore you won’t have to go through the dreaded ‘job search’, in which nothing is certain, especially in this day where it is a struggle to find a job even with qualifications such as a degree. In addition to a guaranteed job, you will also receive a stunning certificate to mark the completion of the course, which you are able to show future employers for reference and also have it to show off of course. Another benefit of completing the course is that it will look great on your CV and employers will value it greatly.